Music by Mark L. Priest



Composing and orchestrating original music for visual media, including games, television commercials, movies and documentary films. I am able to help film directors, producers, and video game developers, by creating original, orchestrated music to enhance their projects.

My Sound Cloud Playlist and Media Music Demo

Rates - negotiable - are based on several factors, such as the number of finished minutes of actual music, and what need the music is destined to fill (broadcast, or non-broadcast, local or international, are some examples). Fees also vary according to the number and type of "live" instrumental musicians and/or vocalists required to complete the project. ("Live" talent sounds best when they are well fed and paid, so that is an additional budgetary expense - but well worth it!)

The HOWEVER - Most small- to medium-size media projects require very few (if any) live musicians, so most or all of the music tracks can be realized entirely on my Mac/Digital Performer-based digital audio workstation (DAW), saving that extra expense.

For more info and bookings, please visit and contact me through the Sound Cloud link above.

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